Why Print Greener?

Protecting and conserving our natural resources is necessary and not as difficult as you may think.
Lithograph Reproductions has begun changing how we operate in order to offer a greener product while maintaining the same quality you have become accustomed too.

Steps our company has taken to go Greener

We continue to evaluate our operations and strive to reduce the impact we have on the environment.


We have researched and tested various recycled papers and have found a few brands that are both affordable and equal in quality to non-recycled stocks.


For decades, the only inks available to the printing industry have all been petroleum based.
As of 2007, Lithograph Reproductions tested and found a soy-based ink that rivals traditional inks.
Since then, we now only print using these soy-based inks.


Since we are using soy-based inks, our post production clean-up is now far less toxic than before. Any spray chemistry we use is purchased in bulk and dispensed through pump sprayers. This eliminates the need for metal aerosol cans. Any products that only come in these cans are ozone safe and recycled when empty.

Post Production Waste

Virtually every printing project has excess paper waste due to trimming or “make-ready” prints. We have teamed up with a local recycling organization that picks up our excess paper weekly for recycling.


Lighting is critical for our staff in order to visually insure that all colors are being reproduces properly. We only use full-spectrum, energy efficient bulbs and have windows that provide natural lighting.


Every year we receive thousands of pounds in paper. This paper comes on wood pallets that are usually discarded after their unloaded. We have now teamed with a local wood recycler that turns these pallets and other wood products into compost.

Chemical Free CTP Plates

You care about the environment and so do we! That is why Lithograph Reproductions has gone chemical free. We are now using chemical free CTP plates to reduce any impact on the environment.

The steps above are a few ways Lithograph Reproductions is making a difference. Every year we will continue to review our procedures and explore greener alternatives. Our goal is reduce the size of our environmental “foot print” while maintaining the highest quality of commercial printing for our customers.

Steps you can take

As a printing customer to print Greener

  • PaperSelect recycled papers whenever possible.
  • FilesConsider delivering your files to us over the internet instead of driving and delivering a “disk”. If you have to physically deliver your project, consider putting it on rewrittable digital media.
  • ProjectsIf you plan on printing multiple projects with us over a period of time, consider consolidating these projects and have them printed at the same time. This can save paper and will definitely save you money.